Actiq (Fentanyl Citrate) 400mcg OTFC Lozenges


Actiq (Fentanyl Citrate) 400mcg lollipops/lozenges:
Actiq (Fentanyl Citrate) treats severe, ongoing pain that cannot be controlled with other medicines. This medicine is a narcotic pain reliever.
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Actiq (Fentanyl Citrate) 400mcg OTFC Lozenges: A Potent Analgesic for Severe Pain

Actiq, with its active ingredient Fentanyl Citrate, is a powerful prescription medication designed to provide relief from severe pain that is uncontrolled by other pain management methods. Unlike traditional pain pills, Actiq comes in the form of an oral transmucosal lozenge, which allows for rapid absorption through the mucous membranes in the mouth.


Actiq 400mcg OTFC (Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate) Lozenges are specifically indicated for the treatment of breakthrough pain in cancer patients who are already receiving round-the-clock opioid therapy.


It’s essential to follow the dosing instructions provided by a healthcare professional.


  • Actiq should only be prescribed by a healthcare provider experienced in the management of chronic pain and with knowledge of opioid use.
  • The medication should be stored safely and out of reach of children and individuals without a prescription.

Side Effects:

Common side effects may include nausea, drowsiness, constipation, and dizziness. However, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention if severe side effects like slow breathing, chest pain, or confusion occur.


Actiq (Fentanyl Citrate) 400mcg OTFC Lozenges provide a crucial option for managing severe pain in cancer patients. Always consult a healthcare professional for proper dosing and administration guidelines.